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Our Story

We love drinking kombucha by day but wanted something more interesting for our evenings. So we created Hoocha, the perfect combination of our love for kombucha and our passion for enjoying drinks with friends. 

At Hoocha, we combine the ancient craft of making kombucha with European fermentation techniques. The result is a hard kombucha that is delicious and has the same benefits of raw kombucha.

All of our artisanal Hard Kombucha products are hand crafted in small batches using organic, fair-trade ingredients. We start with a blend of freshly brewed black and green tea, evaporated cane juice, and our carefully grown Hoocha SCOBY which ferments until we have our raw kombucha base.

For our secondary ferment, we add organic yeast and allow the kombucha to continue fermenting until it reaches 5% to 7% alcohol. We then add organic whole fruit to get the perfect flavor. The result is a refreshing alcoholic drink that is raw, vegan, and naturally gluten free.

Hoocha was founded when sisters Cathy Dean and Kristine Weeks partnered with Andrew Floraday to create Northern California's first hard kombucha brewery in Petaluma, California. After over 2 years of hard work, we officially launched our business in August 2019.